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Ultimate Pricing Flexibility with 8x8's Communications Solution

8x8 is more than 64. As a leader in the telecommunications industry, 8x8 harnesses the power of cloud communications to deliver a single platform that connects employees and customers around the globe, accelerating business performance.

Flexible Pricing

One of Bedrock Cloud's favorite features is 8x8's flexible pricing for different user roles and levels of service.

For example, a dock worker answers the loading dock phone. A manager has a desk phone. The manager's phone has a more robust feature set while the loading dock phone is a simple cordless. With 8x8, you don't need to pay the same amount for both of these phones, which are vastly different for the needs of the user. Instead, the loading dock phone has a basic license and the manager's phone has a more advanced license, allowing ultimate flexibility and cost savings for the business.

8x8 is a great UCaaS and CCaaS solution for those looking to achieve the lowest total cost of ownership and scale their business in a matter of minutes.

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