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How to Deliver A Consistent Experience Across All Digital Channels

Today, there are so many different platforms and channels where customers and companies can engage with one another like websites, social media, blogs, text SMS, and more. But, how do you keep track and deliver that seamless, consistent, great customer experience?

engage digitally on mobile with customers

Customer Service is #1

Automation and systematization of the customer response process is critical when your customers are reaching out on multiple digital channels. A tool is needed for employees to manage conversations occurring on different platforms through a single interface.

Optimize Message Handling

Customer service representatives may become overwhelmed with the amount of inbound messages. Two reps may be having the same conversation with a customer unknowingly. The customer may be bounced to different channels and different reps, causing great frustration.

If your company has experienced any of these scenarios, RingCentral Engage is a single platform that combines all of your digital channels into one application, automatically contacting the correct representative based on the customer's interests and location.

Orange, a telecommunications company in France, noted that their customer satisfaction rate with representative responses after implementing RingCentral Engage was 81%.

Measuring Success

If you're company holds very high customer service standards like Orange, RingCentral Engage measures and reports on social media response time, organic customer discussions, and the statistics that are crucial for your company to define your success rate. With RingCentral Engage, Orange receives 90k messages every month and is now able to respond to 90% of Tweets in under an hour.

Want to measure your digital engagement success?

Contact Bedrock Cloud Solutions to get started.

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