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How Hybrid Cloud Helps Banking

A Flexential Case Study

A Dallas-based federal bank, ensured the safety of its resources and operability with Flexential’s technical expertise.

The partnership helped the bank minimize risk and smoothly migrate its IT systems and data from its on-site data center into a complex hybrid environment to satisfy the bank’s expansive IT needs and enhance workload efficiency.

Compliance & Balance

The bank received a federal mandate to establish an off-site, outsourced disaster recovery plan for its IT systems within seven months. At the time, the bank was operating two Dallas-based data centers on its own. Located just five miles apart, the data centers lacked the geographic diversity to safely maintain operations during a local storm or outage that could simultaneously affect both sites.

The mandate sought to rectify this vulnerability by requiring the bank to utilize a colocation provider as a remote failover site to optimize uptime and protect its assets should one data center go down.

At the time of the mandate, the bank was also evaluating data management strategies, and saw this impending requirement as an opportunity to accelerate its move to a hybrid IT environment.

Having already committed to using Microsoft Azure for its cloud-based computing, the bank was looking to balance its need to retain its legacy ERP system and protect its highly sensitive data, with its desire to hyperscale some workloads to maximize efficiency.

The bank also wanted to ensure that any IT strategy was flexible enough to evolve with its business and continue to meet its IT needs.

Enriching Business Capabilities

Utilizing best-in-class technology, redundant power and connectivity options and multilayered security measures, the data center ensured the safety of the bank’s resources and operability. Positioned almost 800 miles apart, the bank’s production and DR data centers can now safely failover to one another to minimize exposure and ensure business continuity.

This hybrid solution allowed the bank to continue to use its legacy systems while protecting critical private data and hyperscaling other data to improve operations. The bank now has a purposefully designed ecosystem that can scale and evolve to seamlessly navigate business-specific changes by quickly reallocating assets.

Bedrock Cloud Solutions partners with Flexential to provide solutions to scale and secure business operations and data using the best approach, private, public, or hybrid, that fits your needs.

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