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Higher Ed Goes Even Higher with the Cloud

High education has become a commoditized industry. So much competition has erupted that the smaller, private colleges are starting to fall off. Institutions have a mixture of issues: legacy systems, systems that don't integrate, old processes, and most of all, out-of-touch with the new generation of students they are trying to recruit.

So, how can one institution differentiate from another and outlive the others?


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Case Study: Cloud for Higher Education by DataBank

The Challenge

An institute was experiencing significant growth and that would require a large expansion of its data center footprint, additional personnel as well as new expertise to manage IT systems.

Additionally, a large portion of the current equipment within its data centers was approaching end-of-life, and was not properly suited to the IT workload, and would need to be updated or replaced.

The institute also wanted to keep its IT personnel focused on its core business objectives, while also having confidence that the technology platform would be secure, scalable, and highly-available.

The Goals

  • Migration to a cloud solution which supported a growing IT demand across more than dozen different states

  • Establish a partnership with a provider that understands the IT and network challenges of a growing business and could support the migration of their technology

  • Ensure there is minimal latency and optimal IT performance at each remote campus location

  • Access to a high quality, enterprise grade, cloud environment that was secure, scalable, highly-available and built upon well supported technology platforms

  • 24x7x365 monitoring and support with immediate on-call access to knowledgeable engineers

The Solution

Deliver a fully managed cloud solution which included a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) cloud environment and data protection for failover capabilities in disaster recovery, along with hardened managed security services. Also, leverage network density, peering environment and diverse datacenter footprint to ensure low latency, high performance and redundancy.

The Impact

Now, the institution can focus on its core initiatives and students. Cloud technologies have vastly improved operational efficiencies and connection within the institution across 15 campus locations.

Bedrock Cloud Solutions can consult and navigate higher education leaders in the cloud selection and adoption process, focusing on maximizing efficiency and savings on IT costs.


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