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5 Steps to Build a Modern Digital Customer Service Strategy

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

If your brand isn't using digital communication tools such as chat and social media, then your customers will move on to brands that are.

customer service should be as easy as texting a friend

1. Stop Responding to the Same Person on Multiple Channels

88% of customers hate having to repeat themselves via multiple different channels. It’s critical to build a process that merges social identities and automatically identifies the best channels to answer customer inquiries, preferably meeting customers on their channel of choice. Map inquiries from multiple customer profiles to a single user identity that groups requests on a single ticket.

2. Enable Collaborations Between Agents and Chatbots

75% of customers would rather do household chores than communicate with an ineffective chatbot. Allow the bot to hand over the interaction to an agent to maintain the best customer experience possible. Ensure the handover from bot to human occurs on the platform the agent is already using to offer a seamless transition to the customer.

3. Take Your Customers Off "Hold"

Look for solutions that help monitor key metrics, such as average handling time and first-contact resolution rate. Agents need specific tools, such as reply assistants, knowledge databases, and even spell check, to reduce their handling times. Track analytics by team, agent, topic, and source to discover and understand the cause of repeated requests, so you can solve problems and allocate resources more easily, especially during unpredictable traffic peaks.

4. Make Data Human

Make sure to use an open customer engagement platform that allows you to synchronize data from multiple sources. This means all necessary information is available to direct inquiries to the correct agent, preventing the need for rerouting calls. Agents will be able to identify the customer from the beginning of the exchange, providing a smoother experience across all channels.

5. Use a Single Engagement Platform

By using a single digital customer engagement platform, each team can process messages on several channels at the same time. To organize your team by competencies, start by mapping how each of your departments will answer customer inquiries. This will help you provide consistent experiences across channels.

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