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4 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Cloud Communications (UCaaS)

Do you still use a fax machine? Do you want your employees to work remotely? Do you like the freedom of managing calls from anywhere at anytime?

If you said yes to any of these questions, here at 4 reasons why you should be using a UCaaS solutions to simplify and amplify your organizational communications.

man uses unified communications devices

1. Rapid business growth requiring the addition of new locations and employees.

We all suffer from growing pains, but opening new locations and connecting them with your employees and customers doesn't have to be. Bedrock Cloud Solutions can evaluate your current locations and where you want to open new sites, and we can customize a UCaaS solution for you.

2. Seasonal fluctuations in employees or use of temps requiring many add/change orders to add new lines/phone numbers, and then scaling back in down periods.

With a UCaaS solution, you can hire remote freelancers and contractors. All they need to do is download a mobile application and BAM! You are connected with them. Simply remove temporary users when they are gone. No more phone lines tied to a desk. The great thing about scaling up and down is paying for what you're using during that time period.

3. Skyrocketing conference calling costs from business surges, which IT cannot easily control due to pricing models from the provider.

With a unified communications solution, video conferencing can be a breeze. All of your employees can host a meeting. A UCaaS solution integrates with a bunch of apps you may already use, so it makes file sharing and collaboration easy.

4. The need to unify communication, integrating everything from remote offices to mobile and remote workers, as well as consolidating disparate standalone business services such as online fax and video conferencing.

Like we said here, any cloud applications you currently use can be integrated into UCaaS, even faxing. WHAT? Yes, faxing. Throw out that bulky hardware and try e-faxing. You can send and receive faxes via email. The recipient won't even realize it was an email because it comes directly from your number.

Is your mind blown yet?

Did you find enough reasons to try a UCaaS solution?

Bedrock Cloud Solutions can help find the perfect provider for you and the needs of your employees, at no charge. We partner with leaders like, RingCentral, so you get the best service and experience.

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